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The Canadian automotive industry produces light-duty vehicles—cars, vans, pickup trucks; heavy-duty vehicles—trucks, transit buses, school buses, military vehicles; and a wide range of parts, components, and systems used in vehicles of this nature. To complement its manufacturing activities, the industry boasts a well-developed vehicle dealer network, plus an aftermarket organization which has grown into a world-class distribution system and service provider. The aftermarket sector includes activities pertaining to after-sale maintenance and servicing of motor vehicles. This sector has sophisticated manufacturing, distribution, retail and service organizations that include wholesale and retail stores, service stations and repair shops.

There are 26.8 million registered light vehicles on the road in Canada as of July 2017. The national fleet has been upward trending with an annual average increase of 2.6% since 2008. In the next five years, the Canadian light vehicle fleet is expected to continue growing and will sit just under 30 million registered vehicles by the end of 2022. The average age of a vehicle on the road in Canada reached 9.7 years old in 2017. Looking forward, in 2022, the average age of passenger cars is anticipated to reach 11.6 years while light trucks are expected to rise to 9.4 years resulting in an overall mean of 10.3 years.

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Forecast: Total jobs over 5 years

Region 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Canada 396,000 401,934 408,549 414,586 420,733 426,970

Full Time
in 2018


Part Time
in 2018


Aftermarket vs. General Population

Aftermarket Employment Rate in Canada
in 2018


Employment Rate in Canada
in 2018


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Category Salary
Automotive Service Technician 63,119.00
Automotive Service Technician (Apprentice) 38,682.00
Automotive Service Technician (Collision) 60,088.00
Body Repair Technician & Apprentice 73,934.00
Customer Service Representative 49,769.00
Detailing Technician 40,925.00
Driver 31,001.00
Estimator 63,295.00
Manager/Assistant Manager 84,675.00
Oil & Lube Technician 32,673.00
Paint Technician & Apprentice 75,381.00
Parts Counter Person - Jobber 41,481.00
Service Advisor/Inside Sales 50,986.00
Store Manager - Wholesale Outlet 68,829.00
Tire Technician 42,783.00

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Gender Breakdown

Men and Women Working in the Aftermarket Sector

Males in 2017


Females in 2017

Age Range Percentage
Less than 20 7%
20-29 28%
30-39 20%
40-49 23%
50-59 17%
60+ 5%

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