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May 12, 2020 / Career Spotlight

Brad Cochrane

Job title and employer

Director of Sales Operations, Canada |  NAPA Auto Parts

Any advice you would give someone either starting in the industry or looking to transition into the industry?

I always say pick a company, not a job. Try to find employment with a company that you share a vision with and work towards developing your career with them. If you consistently prove yourself and perform at a high level, opportunities for advancement will come, but sometimes you need to be patient. I’d also tell them that they’re making a wise decision to join the aftermarket. It’s an exciting industry with great people and endless opportunities!

Have you had an industry mentor? If so, who and why?

I’ve been very fortunate to have several people from the industry that I consider mentors throughout my career, and I continue to find new mentors. Some of my mentors have been my bosses, some are people in a similar role that I’ve worked alongside, and others have been people that I admired and had a positive impact on me. One constant with all of my mentors is that they’re people that I trust, am able to open up to, and our working relationships have turned into friendships. I think it’s important to be open to guidance and advice. You don’t need to apply everything that you’re told or taught, but if you’re willing to learn and are open to new ideas you’ll find that there’s a lot of great advice out there!